Paul Fair Associates, LLC, was founded in 2000 by Paul E. Fair, Chief Investment Officer, Managing Member and Owner of Paul Fair Associates, a retirement investment firm. Through Paul Fair Associates, Paul set out to put in place an independent advisory firm that would serve as a fiduciary to its clients, putting their interests first. As an independent retirement investment firm, he sought the flexibility to find the best solutions to his clients’ needs among a wide array of investment alternatives and providers.

“I start with understanding the client, their goals, their risk tolerance, objectives and current financial position. Then we look at where they have exposure to risk that can be eliminated, how to optimize return on their savings within their comfort zone and the tax impact of their decisions, with the goal of achieving financial security”Paul E. Fair

At Paul Fair Associates, we believe that good financial decisions don’t have to be confusing. In addition to educating clients, we utilize understandable, proven techniques that can help make the most of the clients’ money and help pursue the achievement of their financial

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