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Investment Approach

When it comes to developing an investment approach for our clients, we have three priorities:

  • The approach must fit the needs of the individual
  • Risk management must be a part of the investment approach
  • Tax efficiency

At Paul Fair Associates, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all investment approach. The appropriate investment tools and structures are those that fit your financial position and requirements, both long and short term. Nor do we believe in buy-and-hold investing. The markets are too volatile and dangerous to take a position and forget about it. The bear market of 2000-2002 is a prime example. A decade later, many portfolios have still not recovered from the devastation of that market downturn.

When we recommend diversified portfolios of investments, Paul Fair Associates actively monitors the portfolios and recommends changes as the financial markets change. We are risk-averse, utilizing a charting system on a daily basis combined with proprietary research from highly rated technical analysts to follow market trends. Our goal is to know when the best times are to be fully invested or conservative in our positions.

What many investors fail to realize is the impact losses have on a portfolio. A 33% loss doesn’t take a 33% gain to get back to break even. It takes a 50% gain. If you can reduce the volatility of a portfolio by minimizing losses, it takes a lower average annual return to outperform the market.

Our goal is to do what is right for the client through a well-balanced approach between safe money assets, investment assets and tax allocation. Most people spend too much money in taxes, which puts a tremendous drag on building net worth. And taxes are only going to get worse going down the road. A tax-efficient investment approach frees more money up for investing and to meet the expenses of life.

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